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SMBC Guidelines for Letter Requests

These instructions apply to requests for:
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Letters of Reference
  • Community Service Verification
1.      All requests must be submitted in writing via e-mail to All requests must be submitted at least three weeks before deadline or due date.
2.      Please specify the following:
a.      Full Name of Requester
Example: Please send a letter of recommendation for Mr. Tommy Graduate.
b.      Name and Address of Institution. Please also include the name of any individual to whom the letter should be addressed.
Attention: Joann Principal
School of Life University
100 Main Street
Anywhere US 12345
c.      For Letters of Recommendation: Include a description of the scholarship or opportunity and the required qualifications. Example: Tommy is applying for the “Great Student Scholarship” for students who are interested in science, technology, engineering and math. Tommy needs a letter from a youth leader that describes his volunteer work on Shiloh’s Media Production Team.

d.      For Letters of Reference: Include a description of the job/position for which you are applying. Example: Tommy is applying for a job at ABC Corporation as a stock room shift manager. Please verify my experience working as the coordinator for the community food pantry.

e.      For Community Service Letters: Include the number of hours worked and the name of the Shiloh leader who supervised your community service hours (for verification). Example: During the months of October through December, Tommy, performed 20 hours of community service doing yard work and landscaping. Deacon Frank Dogood supervised Tommy during his community service at Shiloh.
3.      All requests must be submitted at least three weeks before deadline or due date. Any requests submitted after the requested time frame may not be completed by the requestor’s due date.