Where Christ is the Message and Ministry is the Mission


Deacon's Ministry

Deacon Marty Young, Chairman
Phone:    815-909-6672

Deacon Ministry, Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church

Ministry is individual, redemptive, loving service given inside and outside the church under the leadership of the Holy Spirit which meets people's needs and fulfills the church's mission.

Deacon's Ministry Purpose

The Deacon ministry shall serve under the leadership of the Pastor and help him in performing duties in order to free him for the ministry of the Word. We are servants working together to meet the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of the church as empowered through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Responsibilities of the Deacon's Ministry

In accordance with the meaning of the word "Diokonos " in the New Testament, deacons are ministering servants of the church. We are to be members of this church whose character and qualifications are specified in Timothy 3:8-13, Acts 6:1-6, and Titus 1:6-9. Our task is to serve with the pastor and staff in performing the pastoral ministries of our church. Some of these duties include (but not limited to):
- To demonstrate Christ-like consecration, leadership, loyalty, prayer support and faithfulness to the church in achievement of its mission
- To minister to believers and unbelievers
- To care for the church's members and others in the community
- To demonstrate consistent stewardship through tithing to the church
- To visit the bereaved, home bound, hospitalized and those in need of the church and community
- To encourage and strengthen new converts and the spiritually weak
- To assist with the church Ordinances of Baptism, The Lord's Supper

Basic Conviction

Being in agreement with the chief purpose of the church means accomplishing God's purposes for His glory and not what seems comfortable or reasonable to us. Our ministry strives to demonstrate the leadership of our Lord through service and not to achieve a place of honor or power. 


Family Visitation (Includes/ not limited to: assisted living, home, hospital)

Witnessing to Unsaved Family Members. One of your deacon/deaconess’s chief concerns is that every member of your family knows Christ as Savior.

Helping you know and have fellowship with other members and families in the church. - Your deacon/deaconess will encourage you to participate in social occasions when families in the assigned group or other church members get together for fun and fellowship.

Rejoicing with you and your family. Your deacon/deaconess can rejoice with you when you celebrate important events or accomplishments in your life.

Giving support in times of crisis. Sometimes your deacon/deaconess can help you through the crisis by listening and giving support. Other times, your deacon will know someone else or a community agency that can help.

Answering questions about your faith or about your church or denomination. -€“ Your deacon will try to find the answers for you and/or direct you to the proper resource.

Helping you know and have fellowship with other members and families in the church. Your deacon/deaconess will encourage you to participate in social occasions when families in the assigned group or other church members get together for fun and fellowship.

Meeting Day

4th Saturday, monthly



  • Darrell                  Burkes        
  • Fred                      Davis        
  • Grady                   Dickson
  • Harry                    Green        
  • Vurnell                 Holman        
  • Betty                     Hosey        
  • Early                     Mathis         
  • Phanelope           Mathis         
  • Henry                   Martin          
  • Albert                   Miller        
  • Thelma                 Miller        
  • Kyle                       Parker                     
  • Willie                     Sutton         
  • Marty                    Young 




Your Deacon Ministry believes there is a need for a closer relationship between us and the members of  the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church.  To that end, our deacon/deaconess have been assigned families to serve in a more personal way.  As your deacon/deaconess, we take this opportunity of service to your family gladly and quite seriously.  We do hope that you will feel free to contact your deacon/deaconess to help with any concern or question that fits the service to which the church has elected me.


*If there is some joy (e.g. Anniversary, Birthday, Graduation, etc) that comes to you and your family

*If you (or family member) are ill

*If some tragedy comes to your family

*Prayer request

We ask for your prayer and support as we pray for you and with you.  If you have questions concerning the church ministry, we will be happy to find the answers or point you to the right person.

Deacon/Deaconness                                    Contact Number                             FAMILY LAST NAME RANGE

Darrell Burkes                                                  630-770-5843                                                  A - B

Fred Davis                                                         815-353-9442                                                  C - D

Grady Dickson                                                  815-341-6086                                                     E

Harry Green                                                      815-603-0644                                                  F - G

Vurnell Holman                                                815-641-5698                                                    H-I

Betty Hosey                                                      815-953-4122                                                  ------

Early Mathis                                                      815-735-9648                                                  J - L

Henry Martin                                                    815-347-4289                                                     N

Albert Miller                                                      815-557-7093                                                    Ma

Thelma Miller                                                   815-302-8798                                                  Mb +

Kyle Parker                                                       815-405-5025                                                  O – R

Willie Sutton                                                     815-341-2421                                                  S,T,U,V

Marty Young                                                     815-909-6672                                                  W,X,Y,Z