Where Christ is the Message and Ministry is the Mission


Reverend Richard D. House (Pastor Emeritus)


Reverend Richard D. House was born and raised in Lockport, Illinois,  attended Lewis University, Romeoville, IL. and served a four year tour of duty in the U.S. Navy.

Pastor House has been a faithful member of Shiloh since his early childhood, teaching Sunday School and BYF. Pastor House was ordained a Minister on December 31, 1984 and later under the tuteledge of the late Pastor James W. Walton became the assistant Pastor of Shiloh in December 1989 and on June 30, 1990 officially became Pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church.

Under his leadership Shiloh Baptist Church has experienced tremendous growth spiritually. As a result he has instituted several new ministries to edify and build the ministry of Shiloh and the surrounding community. Pastor House has committed to work the vision God has mandated for him to do. In accordance to Luke 4:18 that work is to establish a church where:
“Christ is the Message and Ministry is the Mission”

As God has directed Pastor House to go forth with the vision for this “HOUSE” the ministry of Shiloh Baptist Church has acquired sufficient property to build a ministry complex to create and develop ministries that minister to all segments of society.

Pastor House is very active in helping to solve the problems of the social and economic disparities in our communities and is a former President of JACOB (Joliet Area Church Organized Body) whose focus is the neglect and disparities of our communities and making changes that will improve the quality of life for all the people. Pastor House has also served as the Moderator of Lebanon Baptist District Association.

Pastor House is happily married to Robbie (Conway), and they are parents of three children, Rishawn,  Ryan and Rakelle.

Pastor House is a visionary, a purposed driven man of integrity who desires to please God above all else.

First Family

Pastor Richard D. House & First Lady Robbie House