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Today's Devotion

December 6, 2023

Reflecting on the Names and Nature of God

Jesus: The Lord Strong and Mighty

Who is this King of glory?
The LORD strong and mighty,
the LORD mighty in battle. 

Psalm 24:8

Jesus is the Lord Strong and Mighty. Come to Him when you’re afraid and losing the battle. Lean on Him when you’re weak. He knows that the battle is fierce, because He was mocked, beaten and finally crucified. The Lord knows how you feel in opposition, so come to Him for help. Let His wisdom guide you, and let His strength protect you. Don’t give in to the Enemy, and don’t give up. Draw strength from the Lord, for Jesus is the Lord Strong and Mighty. What do you need from Him?

Lord Jesus, I feel comforted when You are near. I get strength from You each day to face my problems. I feel secure in Your presence. Come help me face my problems today.

The world expects Christians to be weak and soft. That’s because they’ve only seen one side of Jesus’ personality. They’ve only heard about His gentleness toward those who suffer and His mercy to forgive. But Jesus has another side. He is the Lord Strong and Mighty. He will defeat the armies of Satan in the last battle. He will judge and condemn those who reject Him. So today, He will fight for you. When you are attacked, He will defend you. When the battle gets fierce, get close to Him. Jesus is the Lord Strong and Mighty in battle; call on Him for help right now.

Lord, I will not let the Enemy scare me; nor will I be afraid in battle. I look to You to fight my battles. Amen.

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Trust God’s strength in your battles.

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