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Shiloh Oak Av Campus Securing Building (Duties)


  1. Check all Classrooms: Turn down thermostat (winter-64 Summer-78)
  2. Check/close all Classrooms windows/doors.
  3. Shutoff lights to classrooms, hallways, Sanctuary (except after service ministry meetings, ministry leader are responsible)
  4. Check Kitchen: Stove pilot light/all on, (light it if not) check double oven pilot switch off/on, make sure in off position.
  5. Check all entrant doors, slide bar in lock position, (slide bar key in draw, will verbally explain) Please re-place after use for other authorize user.

The following (Leaders) are ask to secure building.

Dea. Willie Sutton—--Jan(5)---May(4)—Sept(7)

Dea. Grady Dickson—Jan(12)---May(11)—Sept(14)

Dea. Darrell Burkes---Jan(19)---May(18)—Sept(21)

De/Tr. Henry Martin—Jan(26)—May(25)—Sept(28)

Dea. Marty Young------Feb(2)—June(1)—Oct(5)

Bro. Denis Parker------Feb(9)—June(8)—Oct(12)

Min. Adrian Heath-----Feb(16)—June(15) –Oct(19)

Min. Jesse Tucker------Feb(23)—June(22) –Oct(26)

Tr. Tom Saunders------Mar(2)—July(6)---Nov(2)

Tr. Lloyd Craig--------Mar(9)—July(13)—Nov(9)

Tr. Donald Stevens----Mar(16)-July(20)—Nov(16)

Tr. Oscar Pope---------Mar(23)—July(27)—Nov(23)

Bro. James Johnson---Apr(6)—Aug(3)—Dec(7)

Bro. Will Merrell------Apr(13)—Aug(10)—Dec(14)

Bro. Byron Dorris-----Apr(20)—Aug(17)—Dec(21)

Bro. Marvin Lindsey-Apr(27)—Aug(24)—Dec(28)

Dea. Early Mathis(Mar.30, Aug 31) and Dea.Willie Seals(June 29, Nov 30) will alternate (Fill-In) for any (Leader) scheduled Month that will not be available. If you cannot be available Please contact Early Mathis (815-735-9648)

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