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Women's Ministry

Robbie House, President

Phone: 815-774-1016

Dawn Jones
Minnie Robinson
Eloise McNair
Mary Dickson
Myrna Driskill


Our theme for the Women’s Ministry is “Women of Excellence”.

As women of God, we believe that by coming together in conferences, seminars and lunch­eons, that there is an atmosphere for fellowship and encouragement for women. We accomplish this by teaching and challenging them to put biblical principles into action for strengthening the structure of the family.

We also believe that women have special needs and face certain pain that only other women can understand. As women we have found peace in sharing the word of God with each other by understanding what we face, by realizing we are loved by God , by being happy and feeling good about ourselves and by knowing that God cares about every aspect of our lives.
We come together to share and encourage each other with God’s word. We believe this is a ministering tool to witness to our hurting and discouraged women by praying and reaching out to other women.

We also sponsor a women’s fellowship tea every year (see pg.7). This great event provides an occasion and opportunity for women to enjoy one another. In the past, women have been deeply touched by this affair and look forward to it every year.   We look forward to the ministry growing in numbers, but most of all we are praying it will keep growing spiritually strong.
We invite all women and young ladies to come and experience the joy of know­ing other women , being known for who they are and sharing the joy of woman­hood. We meet together every 4th Friday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in Fellow­ship Hall. Refreshments are served at each meeting in case there are those coming from work and who can’t grab a snack.

Nursery is provided on request.