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Forty Acres and A Mule

What was the purpose of the speech given on Sunday past? Although eloquently spoken, it was lengthy, full of self-accolades; personal and professional.  I heard cited psychology 101 and some of 102, physiology 101, economics 101, as well as some statistics and analysis of an on-going problem that is old news to those of us whom have lived and experienced this deliberately imposed dilemma. What I 
didn't hear was a formulated plan along with steps and procedures to facilitate this helping hand-up. And just where does Shiloh fit in the scheme of things. What is the short and long term mission that will establish the basis on which Shiloh is to participate? And the remarks made directly after the dialogue that referred to the children of Israel and their giving until the priest had to ask them to stop giving was biblically true but, what was not mentioned in the remarks was that when the children of Israel were preparing to leave, the Egyptians gave they wealth and riches so much until they would have been considered individual millionaires in today’s economy.  Now, the last time I can recall, I had not yet received my forty acres and a mule or a chicken in every pot, and let’s not forget to mention the APR, in addition to the monetary and geological adjustments which happen to be vastly increased in today’s socio-economic mainstream, compared to what the provisory promise had originally stated in the first place. Before calling on the people to come up with these extra burdens of cost, why don’t we go to Him who is able? Go to Him who owns cattle on a thousand hills and make prayerful requests along with fastening and supplications and sacrificing, like going out to dinner two or three times a week and a pedicure every week to going out once a week and getting them toes done bi-weekly as well. Pray that He bless His children with the provision needed to affect a change for the community and its citizens. 

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