Lebanon Auxiliary meetings and events

January 16, 2018

Greetings Shiloh,

In support of Pastor Richard D. House, Lebanon Baptist District Association Moderator, we are encouraging our leaders and members to strengthen participation in Lebanon Auxiliary meetings and events.

Shiloh women and women’s ministry members: Please support 1st Lady Robbie House and Lebanon Women’s Auxiliary President Lorraine Easley every 2nd Monday @ 7PM for the monthly Women’s Auxiliary Meeting. All 1st quarter meetings (Jan-Mar) are at Mt. Ebal Baptist Church in Lockport. Thank you!

Shiloh men and men’s ministry members: Please joint Deacon Early Mathis and Lebanon Laymen’s Ministry President Deacon Patrick Winfrey every 3rd Saturday 8AM @ Mt. Zion Baptist Church for the monthly Laymen’s Auxiliary Meeting. Also, if you are looking for a ministry opportunity, join the Lebanon Laymen every 1st Monday at 7:30PM for worship and fellowship at Morning Star Mission in Joliet. This is a rich opportunity to experience life changing ministry in the personal lives of our men who are in need. Thank you!

Reverend Tamekeyo House-Griffin
Executive Assistant to the Pastor
Shiloh M.B. Church
18101 West Oak Avenue
Lockport IL 60441